• Wave Finch Select 9 - Women's BLACK/WHITE

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Wave Finch Select 9 - Women's BLACK/WHITE



Gender Engineered for softball specific movements, providing superior fit, comfort, and versatility for multi-surface use.The Wave Select Nine cleat is a TPU molded cleat which is perfect on any surface and in any conditions.

The new Mizuno Wave technology reduces pressure, but also adds comfort and stability inning after inning. The EVA midsole also enhances comfort and durability. If you’re looking for a comfortable cleat that also boasts some durability, the Mizuno Wave Select Nine needs to be your next cleat!

Light weight and comfortable is the best way to describe the New Mizuno Wave Select Nine cleat. This cleat is perfect for baseball and softball. It has a 9 spike TPU design for ultimate traction and stability. The Mizuno Wave Select Nine Cleat is super lightweight coming in at 10.2oz.

This Mizuno Wave Select Nine cleat comes with Mizuno Wave Technology that reduces pressure. This cleat also has a EVA mid sole for ultimate comfort and durability.

  • Mizuno Wave Technology
  • Low-Top Cleat
  •  EVA Midsole

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