Mizuno MZH271 Natural/Ivory Beech Elite Wood Baseball Bat

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The Mizuno Beech Elite series will not only provide you with a great looking wood baseball bat with rich professional furniture grade finish, but it is crafted out of the new European Beech wood. Hand selected for maximum pop and durability, Beech wood performs like maple wood with flex like ash wood. You get the best of both worlds! Plus, beech wood is less likely to flake in comparison to ash wood. Additionally, every model will come with a cupped end to reduce unnecessary weight while still providing a slightly end loaded swing weight for more power and further ball flight. Top it off with the exclusive Supra-Helix bat grip and you've got yourself one of the most coveted wood baseball bats on the market!


  • Colorway: Natural

  • Turn Model: 271

  • 15/16 Inch Handle

  • New European Beech Wood

  • Maple Like Performance With Ash Like Flex

  • Less Susceptible To Flaking Versus Ash

  • Slightly End Loaded Swing Weight

  • Cupped End To Reduce Unnecessary Weight

  • Rich Professional Furniture Grade Finish

  • Exclusive Supra-Helix Grip Provides Unmatched Comfort

  • Approximate -3 Length to Weight Ratio