Bat Care


Bat Care Guide

High performance bats are designed to deliver maximum performance within the limits of the association rules. In order to deliver peak performance, these bats are not indestructible. In fact its useful life is partly determined by the number of hard hits it takes over its lifetime. For this reason, all bats are designed with the intent of individual use. They are not designed to be a team bat.


To extend the life of your bat, the manufacturers suggest the following:


  • Use with leather covered balls only
  • Limit the bat to your individual use only
  • Rotate the bat 1/4 turn each at-bat to spread the hits around the barrel and not concentrated on one area
  • Not to be used as a “Team Bat”. Multiple users voids warranty
  • Do not hit off pitching Machines as this will void warranty
  • Avoid using the bat in cold conditions as the low temperature hardens the ball which causes
  • stress on the bat at impact.
  • Avoid using waterlogged balls as this makes the balls heavier and causes stress on the bat at
  • Impact
  • Use a second bat as your main training bat & keep your number 1 bat as your “Game Day” bat to extend your bats life
  •  To clean your bat, use mild soap and water.


The technology used in high performance bats allow the bats to be used straight out of the wrapper giving you optimal performance from your very first at bat.


High performance bats  DO NOT need to be “worked in” to perform better. The practice of excess hitting to work in a bat limits the life of your bat and deteriorates the quality of your bats performance before you have a chance to get the true benefit of your purchase during game time.


It is recommended that you use a “practice” bat at training while using your main bat during game time


All warranty claims need to come with Proof of Purchase receipt. No proof of purchase no claim.